Dad’s Gotta Work – Dad’s Gotta Play – Part 2

Racing the clock this morning here at Kaiser Permanente where I’m currently working in the marcom department.  Just found out that we’ve run out of the health plan member guides that I wrote last fall (with the help of several others).  This is not good news, since we’ve now got to do another print run ASAP.  At the same time, this was supposed to be an “interim” guide until the new one was finished.  We’re close to having the new one ready, but will still need to print some more interims to use for now.  Bummer. Writing these guides isn’t really the hard part, though it’s hard enough to wade through all of the specifics about each health plan.  The hardest part is getting approval from everyone internally who has a stake in the piece – product management, account management, legal, compliance, editorial, etc.  By the time we’re ready to print, it’s been circulated to these folks at least 5 times on average.  Hugely complicated process to pull together everyone’s comments and frustratingly slow as well.  That’s the deal, however, and there ain’t no changin’ it! 

More to come,



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